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Community Design Plan for Old Ottawa East

One of the largest open land spaces in the inner urban area is owned by the Oblate Fathers and St. Paul’s University. The site is part of the Old Ottawa East Community Design Plan (CDP) project area. The original version of the CDP gave only a brief overview to the potential future development of this large parcel of land. Prior to the CDP going to Council, the Oblate Fathers and St. Paul’s University retained our services to take a deeper look at the development principles that should apply to their land.

Our team, the architects, the City, and adjacent land owners and their representatives worked together to revise the CDP and create a set of principles and a vision for this particular space that would provide the opportunity for great development potential, if done properly.

Through this collaborative process we represented the clients’ interests, which included maintaining the vocation of the University and establishing a workable retirement plan through the sale of the lands for the Oblate Fathers whose average age was around 70. They maintained that the site was to be redeveloped in a manner that represented their history and presence on the Site and within the City.

The Concept Plan that resulted is shown above. This process was deemed a very successful example of public participation and collaborative efforts between the City, architects, planners, stakeholders, land owners, and the public.

Shown below is a Zoning Map prepared by Lloyd Phillips & Associates Ltd, which demonstrates the tailored zoning that has been applied to this property in a reflection of the Concept Plan that was approved.

All other images shown were prepared by the architect involved with the file:

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