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1123 North River Road

The site is located at 1123 North River Road, which is a corner lot at the intersection of North River Road and West Presland Road within the neighborhood of Overbrook. The site previously had a two-storey, white-sided apartment building containing five rental units, which was demolished in 2009.

The current Owner wanted to divide the property into three separate parcels of land to construct a three-storey detached dwelling on one parcel fronting North River Road, and a two-storey semi-detached dwelling on the other two parcels fronting Chemin Presland West, with one dwelling unit to be located on each of the newly created parcels. The proposed dwellings and one of the newly created parcels of land were not in conformity with the requirements of the Zoning B-law and therefore required Minor Variance Applications.

Our role was to act as project manager for the file and lead the Consent for Conveyance and Minor Variance Applications with the Committee of Adjustment. This involved meeting with the City planning staff and residents, preparing a Planning Rationale, coordinating the submission, presenting the application at the hearing and speaking to the concerns of the public.

Although there was local opposition regarding the proposal, the Committee of Adjustment was in the opinion that the proposal is compatible with the existing residences in the neighborhood and that the variances are modest and will not result in an unacceptable adverse impact on the adjacent properties. Moreover, that the proposal will contribute to the residential intensification objectives of the Provincial Policy Statement and the City’s Official Plan in a more positive manner than what could be built under the Zoning By-law. The applications were approved and constructed has commenced.

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